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dress rentals

We are extremely happy to be able to offer to our clients our NEW RENTAL option as so many have inquired. 

We have a wide range of our high-end designer wedding dresses available for RENT in a range of sizes up to a size 24 (where available).

Find the perfect wedding dress for rent up to 60% off original retail price.  We have an amazing selection of high end designer and couture dresses available.  Dresses can be rented and certain rules apply.  Rental Details are provided in store.

As a LICENSED RETAILER, please note that we are not allowed to put pricing details online. 

The scale range below will give you an idea of what the dresses cost to rent. 

Please Note:  Prices do not include the required 12% VAT or Security Deposit.


How does it work?   Each dress has a $ sign next to it.  

Using the scale below, one "$" means the Dress Rental can be rented at a maximum fee of $500.00.

















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