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Wedding Planning in The Bahamas


When choosing a Wedding or Event Planner in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, one of the most important things you should remember is:  YOU should comfortable with the person you choose.  Since it is inevitable that you will be spending a lot of time with your planner and entrusting them with one of the most important days of your life, they should be aware of who you are, understand your personality, and be cognizant of your personal style.

They should want to hear about your wedding plans, yours ideas, and every detail of what you envision your special day to be, and together you should discuss the best way to make your dream wedding a reality.

On your wedding day, a Wedding Planner
and capable Assistants should be on site, making sure your event runs smoothly from beginning to end so that you, your friends and family can simply relax and enjoy your special day!


Email us today and schedule a consultation so we can help you get started with a stress-free event.

Local Coordinator

Ideal for the DIY couple who want to plan their own wedding, but would prefer an experienced Local Planner to assist with hiring capable vendors for the best service,  and products and an insider's guide on "what to do" and "who to book" -- to ensure that everything goes according to the vision they had in mind.

Day of Coordination

So now you've planned your wedding, but have decided you don't want a friend or family member to miss out on the celebrations anymore! 

No problem!  Select both our Local Coordination and Day of Coordination - and we'll be there on the day of your wedding as well to ensure all goes smoothly! 

Booked separately, this service starts one month before your wedding day!

Full Wedding Planning

Ideal for the couple who prefers to entrust their wedding planning into the hands of an experienced wedding planner due to their demanding schedules.  Five Seasons will ensure your wedding day unfolds without a glitch from beginning to end.  

From start to finish our priority is providing you with the best resources, tools and support system before, leading up to and on your wedding day.  We will secure checklists, wedding timelines, demos, trials are all a part of our service to ensure you're pleased with the team that will participate in your wedding. 

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