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👄 Confessions of a Bridal Consultant #974

This entire week has been one for the books. Between the Brides from different countries, the new bridal clients, the week of planning appointments - it has been "off the charts" awesome, and this weekend we are working still.......stay tuned!

I so do love when we can laugh with our clients, crack jokes, be honest, provide solutions, and it's all for their benefit. I got some lobster from my new Jamaican crew and boy did we laugh. By the way Hamilton, they got "minced" last night. BPL tried to sabotage one our appointments, but when she puts on a Justin Alexander gown, and you have an iPhone - #BPLdontstopnuttin

When you have a bride that knows what she wants and wants her bridal party to slay - I'm honestly honored that we can find a solution for them.

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