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Rental Gown Details



Thank you for choosing Five Seasons Bridal!

rental policy

A Security Deposit of $150.00 will be added to ALL Rental Invoices, which relieves the customer of liability for minor wear and tear but does not cover theft, loss or malicious damage, water soaked, or items damaged due to simple neglect.
A Fitting Appointment on the scheduled date is required. Customers declining the fitting appointment assume full responsibility if the item does not fit properly.   Ample notice must be given to make any changes needed.
Customer agrees to have the item Dry Cleaned by Evan’s Cleaners (Mackey Street) or Dry Alternatives (Harbour Bay) who cater to Bridal Attire, before it is returned or forfeits security deposit.
Customer agrees to Return Rental item within FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS following wear date or pay a $25.00 late fee (per day).
Apparel not returned (in good condition or otherwise) within five (5) business days of wear date shall be deemed STOLEN, and Five Seasons Bridal may proceed against customer and require full retail value of the rental apparel or be forced to turn the matter over to the authorities for prosecution.
The customer further agrees that all charges assessed against customer in connection with this rental agreement including, but not limited to charges described above for late return of, damages to, or loss of rental apparel may be charged to pay rental charges.  

All Rental Fees are FINAL without recourse, and no refunds will be made after the garment leaves the store. No claims or shortages will be allowed unless reported at the time of rental.

ONLY, if you agree to our policies indicated above, please fill out the Rental Form on your right, and we will handle the rest!

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